Cultural Project

Interest in city travelling in relation to city -carried out in architour routes approach- has to do also with social concern. The intention is to enhance and to develop the importance of architecture as cultural production. Architecture is thus a fact that goes further the traditional logic of commission and client. In this sense, architour extends its conception to a vast cultural project in order to develop educational programs aimed at schools, cultural centers…


_ Teaching architecture

It’s a school workshop that focuses on what is architecture. It is based on: the etymology of the word “architecture” and the historical and present social role of the architect. An architectural lexical work -with an introduction to the architect support tool- also form part of this project.

_Architecture as structure

Architecture is introduced as a structure, comparing it with the human body, the nature, the animals and the mechanisms. The main idea is to appeal in an imaginary way to other ambits of thinking -engineering, biology, medicine- to establish comparisons and connections with architecture regarding to structure.

_The architecture: the playground and the square 

It’s a specific experience of immersion into the architecture and the city. The main purpose is to get the students involved with the subject of the square and the court: first, as a spatial nature, and then, in regard to fundamental centers of communal and social life._

_The architecture: gymkhana at school

Student cooperative and group work is required to induce reflection and debate so as to understand the nature of spaces, places, and specific architecture solutions at school. It will be essential that students assume themselves as consciously actors, users and inhabitants of their space-school.

_ The architecture and the ground zero level in the city

The main purpose is to introduce students into some of the phenomenon of the city: ¿What type of relationships –sociological, cultural, of uses do urban spaces promote? In which ways are they lived? The ground zero level of the building will be the guide to get into a productive feedback of transversal relationships where history, culture, art and sociology cross over with the architecture.

_ The city and the history. How man builds the city and how the city determines man’s life?

It’s a workshop centered on the historical development of the city. The principal goal is to produce a critical and reflexive point of view on the relationship between man and the city. The course tries to recognize how cities are formed and structured and how cities and their urban fabrics are made, trough a specific experience in the city we live.

The complete programmes contain : the objectives, the ambit of the curricular knowledge (if it´s about a scholar public) to whom its devoted, the methodology, length and prize.

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