Sarriá and Pedralbes, Barcelona garden city.

Monasterio bn

The old country town, situated at the base of the mountain, is based on a non compact urbanism. Detached houses and mansions, prestigious educative and health centers and a private and introverted life shape a different lonely, garden and textural Barcelona. With country estate holidays history, Sarrià Quarter become into the heart of the present bourgeoisie. The route goes into this urbanism and sociology; it also investigates a fertile laboratory of a rich residential rationalist architecture and its lessons based on dwelling.

Pedralbes Monastery, a Catalan Gothic jewel, the Güell Pavilions and radiant contemporary architecture connect an immersion in what was once conceived as a garden city. The end of the route in a mall -L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Center- is coherent with the nature of garden urbanism and sociology. However, a radically different concept transforms those indoors and artificial containers into urban real concern, into transparency with the street and the city life.

Ticket – 42€  

Schedule: Thursday 10 am (English) Friday 10 am (Catalan / Spanish)

Length: 3h

Meeting point: 

Junction of Pelai Street and the beginning of La Rambla (under the entrance canopy of El Triangle Shopping Center), across from Catalunya Square. (see map) * Please arrive 10 minutes before departure.

Tickets will be paid through PayPal at least 48 hours before the day of the route.

Please, send an email to:

After payment, participants will receive an email of architour to confirm the route which was reserved and paid.

Cancellation if accepted under the following conditions:
– Up to 48 hours before the route: 50% of the fare will be refunded.
– After 48 hours: tickets are not refundable.

Full personal route dossiers, travel on Catalan railway (FGC) and a ticket to Pedralbes Monastery are included.A final espresso at L’Illa Diagonal Shopping Center is also included to draw conclusions.

plànol de situació Sarrià

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